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[190] (Update) Pain or Suffering – Mike, you choose

Probably one of the most crucial statement that I should constantly remind myself of what I am doing to myself daily. – And to start self-reflecting

pain is a good thing, physically (self preservation mechanism)
suffering is something that you do to your mind.

pain is something you do to the body
suffering is something to the mind

multiply x1000 times, million times depending on how capable you are.
and suffer a million times over.

right now most human beings are like this.
what happened 10 years ago, they can still suffer.

they are not suffering life, yet they think they are suffering life.
they are suffering the two most fantastic faculties.

a vivid sense of memory and,
a fantastic sense of imagination

Now back to present.

Put that to my mental/physical struggles.
For Example, imagine if I let go, go online shop all the stuffs I need and move on.

Wouldn’t that just strike off one suffering, and I can move on to the next thing?
Wouldn’t clearing the list of suffering eases, helps ease the mental state of mine?

Think about it, Mike. No need to react now.

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[120] Let these 2 topics be a reminder everyday

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”

Is [this food] healthy?


All food is healthy. That’s why it’s called food. Any food can be part of a healthy diet.

Not all diets are healthy. What you eat today doesn’t matter. What you eat this month does. A healthy diet is one with a wide variety of foods, mostly plants, not too much or too little.

The truth is that no food is healthy. That’s because people can be healthy, but food can only be nutritious.

Want to actually eat healthy? Relax and enjoy your food. Stressing about diet is itself a health risk. Obsessing over food can lead to life-threatening eating disorders.

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[109] A solemn reminder to self

If the mountain seems too big today

then climb a hill instead

If the morning brings you sadness

it’s ok to stay in bed

If the day ahead weighs heavy 

and your plans feel like a curse

there’s no shame in rearranging

don’t make yourself feel worse

If a shower stings like needles

and a bath feels like you’ll drown

if you haven’t washed your hair for days

don’t throw away your crown

A day is not a lifetime

A rest is not defeat

Don’t think of it as failure

just a quiet, kind retreat

It’s ok to take a moment

from an anxious, fractured mind

The world will not stop turning

while you get realigned

The mountain will still be there

when you want to try again

You can climb it in your own time

just love yourself til then

Obtained from https://www.7cups.com/forum/AnxietySupport_53/DailyCheckinThreads_955/IsawthisandloveitAgreatreminderthatitsokay_195486/

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[244] Serious – Maybe I should stop here – Right now

to be honest

i dont know anymore

everything does not seem to be in the right

no matter how hard i am pushing

end up still having all the weird issues

sharing notes

took photos of what i ate

stopped to avoid thinking too much

calories nutrition carbs protein fats fibre sugar good bad fats and more

sharing what i ate

logging food

getting irritated once in a while


came back and try again

used it as a journal

did not work out well again


now here i am thinking pondering if things are what is going on

i even went to the extent to delete wordpress app to reduce possibility of posting here

i dont know to be honest

maybe ill just stop here

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[243] Baked Pumpkin, Cabbage

Hmm, Filling for a short moment of time. Like… x01 hour


  • (approx) 200g pumpkin
  • x02-x03 large cabbage leaf (puree)
  • hint of boiling water for puree
  • x02 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • hint of cinnamon powder
  • hint of basil flakes
  • hint of salt
  • hint of pepper


  • Bake Pumpkin for x30 mins on 200-220 degree celsius
  • Quick cook cabbage with boiling water in microwave for x02 mins on medium-high power
  • Puree cabbage
  • Mix all ingredients (except pumpkin) to taste

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[242] Repurposed food in Post 241 and 239

Feeling stupid about the sore throat effects

Made an impromptu decision to redo the food and hopefully its abit chewy and easier to swallow/digest


  • Leftovers of 241 – Buckwheat and Millet (Grounded)
  • Leftovers of 239 – Oats (Grounded)
  • x03 stalks of Celery (Puree)
  • Hint of Baking Powder


  • Ground both buckwheat, millet, oats to flour consistency
  • Chop and Puree Celery
  • Mix all ingredients till doughy consistency
  • Shape any form that you desire
  • Bake for x20 mins on 200 degree celsius
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[241] Sometimes I just never learn – Buckwheat, Millet – “Nola”

I certainly truly wonder sometimes, what I am actually thinking.

For the good of my health or I am playing with food.


  • x0.75 cup millet
  • x0.5 cup buckwheat
  • x01 tbsp flax seed (grounded)
  • Leftover Sesame Seed Butter (approx x0.25 cup)
  • Enough boiling water to soak and mix mixture
  • Hint of salt


  • Quick rinse millet and buckwheat and allow to dry off as much as possible
  • Blend Sesame Seed Butter with Boiling water
  • Add all ingredients to mixing bowl
  • Mix well until combined
  • Bake for x50 mins on 180 degree celsius


  • Chewy and gritty because of millet seeds
  • Not a good idea if you are having issues with sore throat – Like me… trying to be stupid here
  • Hence, can treat as a “failed” attempt
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[240] Alternative Breakfast… For Once


  • Leftover Home Made “Seitan” (Frozen)
  • Leftover Broccoli
  • Sesame Seed Butter

Yup that’s it.

Well, it certainly lasted me awhile until a few good hours later. Perhaps I was overthinking it too much. I duno…

One thing for sure though was that I was not so “dizzy” as I though I would be usually in the morning, with plain oats + cocoa + nut butter and sometimes grounded flax/chia seeds

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[239] Granola – Mike, when will you “Learn”?

Its missing half a portion. Yea, I kinda binged on it, while standing and waiting.


  • x03 tbsp pumpkin seed butter (to puree)
  • half palm sized amount of raisins (to puree)
  • some boiling water for puree
  • dash of cinnamon powder
  • tiny bit of nutmeg powder
  • x01.5 cup rolled oats

Mix all the ingredients together first except for the rolled oats. After blending them then incorporate rolled oats to the mixture. Ensuring not too wet nor dry to stick for clusters.

Bake for 20-30 mins on 180 degree celsius. Break apart as many clusters as you prefer on the sizes.

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[238] Celery, Apple, Peanut, Oat, Flour – Dough/Cookie

Definitely… high on the calories. zzz.


  • x02 stems of celery
  • x01 medium red apple
  • x0.75 cup peanuts
  • hint of water for adjustment of consistency
  • x01 cup chakki att flour
  • x0.5 cup rolled oats
  • hint of nutmeg powder
  • dash of cinnamon powder
  • hint of baking soda
  • < x01 tsp baking powder
  • tiny bit of salt


  1. Puree celery, then apple, then peanuts
  2. Add powders and flavourings
  3. Add oats and flour and mix well
  4. Bake for x40 mins on 180 degree celsius


  • Definitely “Others” Approved
    • Sweet, Peanuty, Crisp outside, Chewy inside
  • If you prefer more “celery” taste, go ahead add more